While drinking dirty river water might be better than having no water at all, International Expeditions believes that every person should have pure water, and the health and conservation benefits are enormous!

The simple water treatment plants IE has built in Santa Teresa and Irlanda, Peru (and the many more we have planned for future construction) provide 2,200 liters of clean drinking water each day. In these two villages of 380 people, including more than 125 school-age children, that means parasite-free water to drink, brush their teeth and cook with every day! Boiling is the only other way to get clean water, requiring harvesting of trees to build and sustain a fire.

Our water treatment plants are also helping to foster a more sustainable economy. Excess clean water can be sold to neighboring villages or used to bake bread and make jam. This minimizes the need to make money by logging in the rainforest.

Learn more about International Expeditions’ world-wide conservation efforts at www.IEtravel.com/conservation.

water treatment plant in Irlanda, Peru