Since Art Director Charlie Boyd started working for International Expeditions more than a decade ago, this nature lover has traveled to the Brazilian Amazon, Machu Picchu, Costa Rica, India, Cuba, Pantanal, the Galapagos Islands and Nicaragua. And like most of the IE staff, Charlie loves all things travel, but here are a few of his favorites.


What are your travel superstitions?

I don't know if it is a superstition or just good thinking. As far as food goes, pretty much the only thing I avoid is mayonnaise based things on buffets. So far, so good.

Oddest thing you’ve ever seen at an airport/train station/bus station?

I can't think of anything particular that was odd, but the scene at the train station in Jhansi, during our India tour was an experience I'll never forget. The memories of the hustle and bustle of loading and unloading of trains, the performers who were looking for handouts, and the adventure of navigating the crowd and negotiating my way into the "first class" bathroom are as fresh in my mind as they were seven years ago. As with all my India memories, I can still smell incense and hear music and horns in the background.

Favorite travel movie or TV show?

The old "Lonely Planet" on The Travel Channel, which became "Globetrekker" is my all-time favorite travel show. Watching Ian and Christine explore the world is what let me to a career in travel. Their personal encounters with the people they met along the way, and off-the-beaten-path approach made me curious to discover the "real" world and get past the touristy shell. "No Reservations" is a close second. Tony approaches travel the same way, but with more food and beer.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?

Off-road vehicles of all kinds - Jeeps or land rovers - as long as they are exploring a dusty, bumpy backroad.


Photo by Bruce Jones.