What happens when Amazon cruise naturalists spot an anaconda along the riverbanks? Recent IE guest Kieth Chelm found out when he got an up-close and personal meeting with a female anaconda during an excursion! Special thanks to Mr. Chelm for sharing this video and his thoughts.


We are on an excursion, heading upriver deep into the Pacaya Samaria National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon.  Suddenly, our skiff driver takes a hard turn to port and increases throttle as he guides the boat speedily toward the bank. He’s spotted something, and none of us can see what it could possibly be. The guides have eyes like a hawk. We have just barely reached the shore and the guides are already jumping off the bow and stepping into the water. They have grabbed onto something, and whatever it is clearly does not want to be pulled out of the river. How a skiff driver managed to spot it from over twenty yards away is a complete mystery!  We now see a tail. Two Amazon River guides and one driver are working to extract the creature. Now another guide and driver have joined them. Five men are struggling. Finally, they have hold of the animal; at least for now. It is putting up one hell of a fight. J-Lo starred in a horror movie about this creature... and it is less than 15 feet from us!

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