Crafts at a village market in the Amazon

Amazon Cruise Expedition Report:January 25, 2016

Crafts at a village market in the Amazon

Amazon River cruise Expedition Leader Angel Cardenas is reporting from our small-group excursions this week.

This morning heavy rain kept us onboard until lunch, but there was still so much to do, starting with a lecture by guest expert Ed Smith. Ed is an Amazonia Biologist for Smithsonian's National Zoo, where he studies and cares for hundreds of Amazonian plants and animals, and involved with a variety of research. We also took the time to review the list of wildlife we've already observed, learn more about the IE-supported clean water project and enjoy a cooking lesson with our chef.

After the morning rain the sun finally came our! It was the perfect time to explore Dorado River, an interesting black water tributary in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. While here we found a variety of interesting wildlife: Plum Throated Cotinga, White Throated Toucan, Hoatzin, Festive Parrot, Blue Crowned Parrot, Cream Colored Woodpecker, Horned Screamer, Muscovy Duck, Caiman Lizard, White Spectacle Caiman, Fringe Lipped Tree Frog, Giant Cane Toad and other species.


Time for a fun happy hour with our Amazon band and a tasty cocktail before dinner! - Angel