The women of International Expeditions (and many of our guests) are full of tips for women traveling alone internationally. While some women are concerned about being targets when traveling, a little cautious preparation can go a long way toward making you feel safe and ensuring you have a great vacation.

Know Before You Go:

Before traveling to a foreign county, learn as much as possible about the area's religious or cultural beliefs. You may need to adjust your dress and behavior to comply with local customs.

I Get Around:

Grab a card or matchbook from the front desk with your hotel's name, address and phone number on it. This is super helpful if you don't speak the language and need to arrange a cab ride.

Pack Light:

Juggling multiple heavy suitcases and sorting through credit cards can make you an easy target in busy airports. Pack light and carry just one credit card. As an added bonus, packing light leaves extra space for souvenirs!

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