Guest with sea lion

6 Ways Galapagos Sea Lions Act Like Your Dog

Guest with sea lion

Are there places where even the wild animals are as playful and curious as your dog? With abundant food readily available and isolation from predators, Galapagos sea lions — along with a wealth of other species — never learned to flee when approached. In fact, surprising to many of International Expeditions' first-time visitors to the archipelago, these sea lions are far from blasé as they welcome you to these enchanted isles.

Galapagos sea lions basically act like your average dog. Don't believe us? Here are favorite shots from our Galapagos cruise guests of sea lions doing their best pet impressions!

1. They LOVE going on rides


There aren’t many cars in Galapagos, so this friendly sea lion had to settle for hitching a ride on Jennifer’s kayak (alas, no window to feel the breeze blowing through his whiskers!)

2. They demand attention!


It’s not quite the same as walking through your door at home, but sea lions are likely to take up residence anywhere in the islands…and there’s no moving along the path until you’ve lavished them with lots of attention.

3. They love to sniff, lick and investigate your camera (instead of posing!)


Even underwater they love to get nose-to-nose with your camera!


4. They'll take up the ENTIRE couch (or sea-side bench!)


Think Rover is a little smelly? Try cozying up to a pinniped with a serious case of fish breath!

5. They never let you relax and read your book without being interrupted


But let's think about the real issue: Why are you ignoring these adorable Galapagos sea lions and the white-sand beaches of this extraordianry archipelago? What book could be THAT good? 

6. They miss you when you're gone


How could you possibly walk away from that sweet face?

Note About Responsible Tourism: For the health and protection of both animals and you, please keep the following in mind whenever you are near wildlife. Do not startle or chase animals from their resting or nesting spots. Flash photography disturbs them, so do not use it. Do not touch or feed wildlife...although obviously, sometimes curious species may approach you.

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