visit the Peruvian amazon

5 Foods to Try in Peru

visit the Peruvian amazon

Latin America features some of the most dynamic cuisines in the world.

It goes much further than just tacos and burritos. This just scrapes the surface and only represents some of the foods that can be found as part of the cuisine of other cultures. The fact is that Latin America features a diverse range of foods, many of which you aren't going to find elsewhere. Peru is no exception. Below we spotlight five can't-miss foods to try in Peru.

  1. Ceviche. Ceviche is the one item from this list that you might be familiar with since it is served as an appetizer in so many cultures. While there are many different variations of ceviche, it basically exists as a raw fish dish with a strong lime flavor. It can be served as everything from a snack to an appetizer to a main dish. In Peru it's often served with potatoes in some form. (Check out IE Amazon Expedition Leader Jorge Salas’ recipe for ceviche on Green Global Travel.)
  2. Causa. Causa is one of the most popular dishes of Peru. As visitors to Peru soon find out upon arriving, potatoes are an important part of the cuisine. Causa is typically considered one of the most popular potato dishes, consisting of a casserole-style dish layered with mashed potatoes and other items that may include a type of meat or seafood, such as tuna, and/or a hard boiled egg. It's also typically served cold.
  3. Anticuchos. Anticuchos are Peru's version of a grilled skewer (pictured). However, unlike many other countries, anticuchos are served everywhere, from street vendors to fine restaurants. Also unique to Peru is that the most common skewer includes beef heart, which is one of the most revered meats in the country.
  4. Picarones. I couldn't talk about the cuisine of Peru and not mention its desserts. If you like pumpkins and doughnuts, then you'll likely enjoy picarones, which are pumpkin fritters in a doughnut form. Its other primary ingredients include sweet potatoes and squash. They are typically served as a dessert and include being topped with a spiced syrup. Its taste is closest for most people to that of a spice cake.
  5. Alfajores. Alfajores are yet another dessert that can be widely found in Peru. Unlike some of the other dishes on this list, alfajores can be found in many other Latin American countries and you may even find them in your local bakery. The idea behind it sounds similar to that of Oreos. There are different variations to it depending on the country, but in Peru this usually consists of dulce de leche sandwiched between two shortbread cookies and topped off with powdered sugar. Dessert never sounded and tasted so good. (Hungry yet? View our authentic recipe for Alfajores.)

Any particular Latin American foods you're crazy about? Tell us in the comments below!

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