Whether you travel with International Expeditions' Level 3 naturalists on a Galapagos cruise, certified Master Naturalists on a Costa Rica tour, or discover Myanmar with our experienced expedition leader Charlie Babault, you can be sure you'll be traveling with a passionate guide who is sure to stand out as a highlight of your travels. In fact, strong leadership is a hallmark of IE tours and built into each of our journeys. So it is no wonder that guests often ask: "What does it take to be an IE guide?"

Knowledge: IE's naturalist tour guides and expediiton leaders are highly educated locals - experts in history, archeaology, geology, geography and biology. Naturalist guides have a tremendous grasp on the ecology of a region (how things interact) as well as a wealth of knowledge in the proper identification of insects, arachnids, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Experience: Your expedition leaders, naturalists and safari guides combine for hundreds of years of experience guiding nature tours to Earth's most interesting places.

Humor: Of course you want to learn, but an IE journey is also FUN - with music, storytelling and bonding over excursions, meals and drinks in the wild.

Sharp Eyes: Can you spot a red howler at 150 yeards? Our sharp-eyed guides are sure to help you spot wildlife you never thought possible. Plus, IE's guides know where the squirrel monkeys roost or an pride's favorite hunting ground, and ensure that guests are at the right place at the appropriate time to see them.

Meet some of IE's experienced expedition leaders and naturalist guides who accompany our nature tours.