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Seven Reasons to Travel with International Expeditions

When you travel with International Expeditions, you travel with pioneers in ecotourism. International Expeditions shows you some of the most remarkable places in the world — but does so in a way that’s as enriching as we can make it. Our escorted tours, planned and continuously refined with almost four decades of nature travel expertise, include elements that would be next to impossible to do otherwise. And as you learn, you’ll also have a lot of fun and laughter — the joy that comes from making new discoveries in the company of friends who share in the excitement. Celebrating almost four decades years of engaging nature travel, International Expeditions' award-winning small-ship voyages and inspirational escorted journeys offer an authentic and immersive look at Earth’s natural and cultural wonders — all through the eyes of passionate, knowledgeable local naturalists. 

1. Award-winning ecotravel to more than 20 countries

From sought-after signature Amazon River cruises and African safaris to our newest adventures to Cuba, Latin America and beyond, our small-group nature tours remain THE standard for exploring Earth's most captivating natural and cultural wonders.

2. 38 years of pioneering immersive experiences in Earth's wildest regions

There's no substitute for experience when it comes to offering you travel that's enriching, awe-inspiring and fun!

3. Authentic encounters with local cultures

Not only will you bond with warm locals during village visits and join respected elders and a shaman to talk about history, our journeys are kept flexible to allow for spontaneous detours to local events.

4. Exhilarating and absorbing activities such as hiking, birding, kayaking and snorkeling

Some people travel for adventure and some to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. That's why IE itineraries include a variety of activity options...along with ample time to relax!

5. The world's best naturalist guides and expedition leaders

Our hand-selected naturalists are highly trained and educated locals, each able to offer you insight far beyond what you could find in a guide book.

6. Comfortable accommodations and delicious food in the wild

You don't have to sacrifice comfort and world-class service to tour remote regions! Whether on safari in Africa, birding in Colombia or strolling the squares of Old Havana, each day you "come home" to comfortable, intimate accommodations. Plus, IE offers frequent opportunities to savor regional cuisine for true immersion into the culture.

7. Supporting conservation and community projects 

International Expeditions has a long history of both founding and funding conservation and community projects throughout the world. Our efforts include such diverse activities as bringing clean water and school supplies to remote Amazon villages to supporting conservation in delicate ecosystems such as the Galapagos Islands and Alabama's biodiverse Cahaba River (which runs through our own backyard!).