Reading Lists

Books are a great way to learn about and prepare for your expedition. Spend time studying your birds and mammals before you go; dream about all that you'll see; and get excited about your natural history tour as you learn about the local culture, traditions, wildlife and history.

Below is a brief selection of favorite, new and hard-to-find books from our partner Longitude Books — prepared for your journey. For your convenience, you may call (800) 342-2164 to order these books directly from Longitude, a specialty mail-order book service. To order online, and to get the latest, most comprehensive selection of books for your voyage, click on the links below.

South America



Amazon BookAmazon
Tropical Nature • Adrian Forsyth • Ken Miyata

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  book on East AfricaEast Africa
Serengeti, Natural Order on the African Plain • Mitsuaki Iwago

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book on PatagoniaPatagonia
In Patagonia • Bruce Chatwin

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book on KenyaKenya
Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania, Field Guide Edition • Dale Zimmerman • Donald Turner • David Pearso

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book on BrazilBrazil's Pantanal
Bradt Pantanal Wildlife, A  Visitors Guide to Brazil's Great Wetlands • James Lowen

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book on SafariTanzania
The Safari Companion, A Guide to Watching African Mammals • Richard Estes

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book on GalapagosGalapagos
Galapagos, A Natural History Guide • Michael H. Jackson

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  Book on UgandaUganda
Gorillas in the Mist • Dian Fossey

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Book on Machu PicchuMachu Picchu
Lost City of the Incas, The Story of Machu Picchu and its Builders • Hiram Bingham

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Central America


Asia / Pacific


Cobook on Costa Ricasta Rica
A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica • F. Gary Stiles • Alexander Skutch • Dana Gardner

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book on IndiaIndia
Mughal India, Splendours of the Peacock Throne • Valerie Berinstain • Paul Bahn

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Book on PanamaPanama
A Neotropical Companion • J.C. Kricher • Mark Plotkin

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