Answers to Your Questions About Legal Cuba Travel for Your Clients

International Expeditions has been licensed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to provide people-to-people Cuba travel for U.S. citizens. Not only does this allow your clients to travel to Cuba legally, but they can experience Cuba in the most authentic way possible — through the eyes of its people.

Arranging Travel to Cuba

  • Discover IE's immersive people-to-people Cuba tour itinerary, offering unforgettable opportunities for your clients to interact with Cuban people.
  • Find out about the emphasis on engaging with Cuban naturalists, birders, biologists and conservation groups that sets IE apart.
  • How is the process for booking a people-to-people journey different from booking a conventional tour?
  • What steps do your clients need to take to register for a spot on one of our journeys?
  • Learn about restrictions on the "souvenirs" your clients can bring back legally.