Expedition Travel Activity Options

Some people travel for adventure, some to enjoy nature excursions, and others to gain insight into exotic cultures. Sometimes you want to do a little bit of everything! That’s why International Expeditions has worked to keep our travel activity levels as flexible as possible during our journeys. Your expedition itinerary could include everything from lectures on history, culture and wildlife by our naturalist travel guides to snorkeling and early-morning birding excursions.

Of course, you can always opt-out of activities and enjoy time to relax!

Expedition Travel Activity Details

Small-Ship Expedition

International Expeditions’ small-ship expedition cruises offer adventures that combine great guides, frequent excursions and a true taste of adventure with the unpretentious comfort and world-class service. Part of the adventure is forming relationships with fellow travelers and our local Expedition Leaders and Naturalist Guides. Large cruise ships just don’t allow for the same deep exploration of the surrounding environment and spontaneous detours to follow the wildlife or join local festivities. IE’s small-ship expedition cruises are the most authentic and intimate way to explore Earth’s most storied waters.

Expedition Cruises:

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IE’s seasoned guides want to make sure you don’t only have a remarkable time, but that you have the photos to prove it! Our itineraries have plenty of time built in to capture that perfect shot. Plus, many of our guides are avid photographers and can offer tips for the best wildlife and nature photography.

Want to really take your photography to the next level? Take advantage of professionally led Photo Workshops in the Amazon and Galapagos.

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Wildlife Viewing

International Expeditions’ very first journey was to the Peruvian Amazon, where a group of zoo officials and their Naturalist tracked the butterfly migration. Our dedication to exploring the world’s richest wildlife destinations continues 36 years later! We’ve refined our itineraries to ensure you enjoy rare wildlife sightings in the company of passionate Naturalists who exhibit the knowledge and patience necessary for spotting wildlife.

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Culture and/or Archaeology

Let local lore become part of your favorite travel stories! IE’s personable local guides, authentic brushes with exotic cultures, and in-depth surveys of history and civilizations are the perfect way to gain insight into the region you visit far beyond what you’d ever find in a guide book. Check out a detailed itinerary for your preferred destination to learn more about activities designed to immerse you in these intriguing cultures.

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Small Boat Excursions

From paddling a dug-out canoe to letting the wind catch the sails of a small boat, IE’s fun excursions aboard local boats are a delightful way to explore and get close to wildlife. Please be sure to read a detailed itinerary for more information on opportunities to canoe and explore in local boats that on your preferred journey.

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Hiking and Nature Walks

Get deep into an environment during leisurely hikes to remote ruins and naturalist-guided walks through the rainforest and beyond. Don’t worry, our walks are done at an easy pace, allowing ample time for photography and questions along the way. Please be sure to read a detailed itinerary for more information on what hiking excursions and interpretive nature walks may be available on your preferred journey.

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Game Drives

Naturalist-guided game drives take you deep into the heart of Earth’s greatest natural areas. From enjoying the view from an open vehicle on the Transpantaneira Highway to safaris on a 4x4 Land Cruiser with only five other guests in Africa, IE includes a variety of small-group guided game drives.

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Local Food and/or Local Markets

Sampling regional fare and rubbing elbows with the locals is an important part of an immersive travel experience. That’s why IE includes meals in local restaurants (not just the hotel dining room), opportunities to explore bustling markets, and chances to visit school and villages. Please be sure to read a detailed itinerary for more information on what opportunities to visit local markets and sample regional cuisine may be available on your preferred journey.

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Swimming and/or Snorkeling

Sometimes you’ll find just as much rich diversity under the sea as you do on land! Swimming and snorkeling excursions with our experienced guides are the perfect chance to check out life under the waves.

In some destinations, swimming may also just be the perfect way to relax and unwind after a day of hiking and exploration. Please be sure to read a detailed itinerary for more information on what swimming and snorkeling excursions may be available on your preferred journey.

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Spa Options

Even though International Expeditions’ nature travel journeys are in-depth and educations adventures they are also your vacation! So relax and treat yourself to the optional spa treatments available at many of the resorts where we stay. Your Expedition Leader is always happy to help you make arrangements.

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