Cuba: Classic Art & Culture

Allow yourself to be swept away by the profoundly original art and literature of Cuba on IE’s newest people-to-people Cuba travel program. This journey includes stopping to chat with artists in their studios, surveying Hemingway’s former home and favorite bars, discovering the Afro-Cuban history of the Varadero Peninsula and even taking a turn at a traditional potter’s wheel in Trinidad.

Meet Cuban Entrepreneurs

Highlighting the journey are opportunities to mingle with Cuba’s new generation of entrepreneurs – restaurant owners. Family run paladars offer the best cuisine, plus chances to discuss the changing face of Cuba’s economy with private business owners.

What does "People-to-People" Cuba travel mean?

People-to-People travel is an initiative allowing U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba on a limited basis to participate in cultural experiences and have direct contact with the Cuban people to learn more about them and their culture, while they learn about the American way of life. This is a highly rewarding educational experience, where you enjoy direct engagement with the Cuban people you will meet. IE’s people-to-people activities focus on education and cultural exchange as you meet Cuban musicians, artists, architects and more.

Please Note: International Expeditions, Inc. is licensed (CT-2013-299822-1) by the United States Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control to engage, organize and conduct authorized people-to-people travel to Cuba that engages participants in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba.