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Plus, you’ll find insider’s tips for making the most of your Egypt vacation, comments and videos from those who have just returned from International Expeditions’ Nile cruise, and even restaurant recommendations from IE’s Egyptologists and staff.

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Egyptian Culture Always Has More to Discover
Modern day humans keep seeking out more information about this ancient civilization. The roots of all fascination with Egypt began during the Battle of the Nile between Nelson and Napoleon in 1798, when the Rosetta was found.

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Pull Aside for the Island of Philae
Pilgrims once flocked to the Egyptian island of Philae, coming from all over the ancient world to worship Isis, a goddess who is commemorated with a massive temple that was re-erected from beneath the Nile River.

egypt ben ezra synagogueVisit Egypt's Oldest Synagogue
The Ben Ezra Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Egypt, located on a site that has been holy to the Jews as long as they have been in Egypt. In fact, it is said to be where Moses was found in the reeds.
egypt pyramids unesco world heritage sitesUNESCO Names 25 New Sites to World Heritage List
Though sites like Machu Picchu, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge may differ from one another in several ways, they are all bound by at least one similarity — distinction as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
petra cave wall painting discoveryPetra Cave Painting Discovery Attracts the Attention of Art Historians
Last summer British conservation specialists discovered an "exceptional" painting on a cave wall.
egypt necropolis sakkaraExplore the Necropolis of Egypt's Ancient Capital in Sakkara
Those hoping to explore the mysteries of the ancient capital of Memphis will definitely want to drop in on its famed necropolis, Sakkara.
giza pyramids egypt vacationThe Great Pyramids of Giza
Explore the only surviving structure of the original Seven Wonders of the World.
edfu nile cruise stop
Edfu is a Wondrous Stop for a Nile Cruise
There are a handful of destinations that individuals across the globe have longed to explore, and few have the prestige and allure of the Nile River basin.


tips for packing lightFour Tips for Packing Light
Large, bulky suitcases can make it difficult to meet the luggage restrictions imposed on small, in-country flights, so the best way to pack for these expeditions is with as little as possible.
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nile cruise packing tipsPacking Tips for a Nile Cruise
Depending on the season, certain articles of clothing and products will ensure that visitors to Egypt have the best Nile cruise imaginable.
insider's travel tip fog-free photographyInsider’s Tip: What’s Watching You?
Our naturalists had this great tip to keep in mind for your next game-viewing excursion.
floating in the dead sea jordanFloating in the Dead Sea is Beneficial to Health and Spirit
After sailing upriver on a Nile cruise and crossing the sands of the Sinai, time to relax in these rejuvenating waters is ideal for both the body and soul.
egyptian dining and cultureVisitors Eat Well in Egypt
Learning about Egypt’s dining culture will whet any visitor’s appetite for some local fare before exploring the Pyramids or relaxing on a Nile cruise.
tipping on an egypt tourKnow Before You Go: Tipping in Egypt
The first thing to consider when contemplating tipping procedures in Egypt is that though the country is rich in culture, much of its population remains poor and ill-compensated for the work they do. As such, tipping in Egypt is far more common than it is in the U.S. or U.K.
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The Art of Shopping in Egypt
For many first-time travelers to Egypt, dealing with aggressive vendors can be a daunting task. Long-time Wings Over the Nile leader & Product Development Director Bill Robison shares his tips for shopping on your Nile cruise.
 jordan tours petra kitchen maglubeh IE Features Authentic Local Cuisine
You'll work up quite an appetite during daily excursions. And whether it's sampling restaurants in Jordan, Peru, or local fare in India, or settling down for a sumptuous meal in the heart of Laos, you'll enjoy meals to satisfy every palate.


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Tales From the Road: Elaine & Stephanie's Egypt & Jordan Vacation
The Sinai's St. Catherine's Monastery, one of the oldest active monasteries in existence, was our next destination via charter flight.