The Ultimate Field Trip

Student Educational Tours to the Amazon, Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Galapagos

Not just a tour; not just another science class — our student travel programs to the Amazon, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Galapagos Islands are life-changing adventures!

There’s no greater way to gain an appreciation for the vital connection between Earth’s ecosystems and ourselves than to explore the world, leaving books and classrooms behind and learning from life’s greatest teacher — experience.

On these life-changing educational tours students travel to the Amazon rainforest, pristine reserves of Nicaragua, or get nose-to-nose with giant tortoises in the Galapagos. Students get hands-on lessons in science, conservation and culture...and they learn how to make a positive impact on Earth's most fragile environments with International Expeditions.

Enriching sessions will educate students on a variety of topics — from ethnobotany to nocturnal wildlife, while Community Service Days teach your students about our global community as they work side-by-side with villagers on our educational tours.

  • Teachers travel FREE from their hometown with as few as 10 students
  • Complete course curriculum (select destinations)
  • Pre-travel support from U.S.-based team
  • Expert naturalist guides in-country

So swap textbooks for cameras; trade desks for snorkeling with sea lions in the Pacific; and forgo halls in favor of a trail into the lush rainforest! It's not just a tour or another science course — this is nature's greatest classroom!

Immerse your students in Earth's classroom! If you are a teacher, start planning your student educational tour today by calling Steve Cox or Sherry Boyd at 800-633-4734.


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