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Day 11 - Wednesday, September 25

Izmir / Istanbul / Kayseri / Uchisar

Drive to Izmir, where we board our flight to Istanbul. Connect through to Kayseri, where we meet our guide and continue on to Uchisar and the Argos Hotel, our home for four nights. (B,L)

Day 12 - Thursday, September 26


From the top of the Uchisar Castle enjoy a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area, including Mount Erciyes in the distance. It was the violent eruptions of this former volcano which covered the entire region in a thick blanket of volcanic ash. During the following ages this hardened tuff created a bizarre landscape by the strong influence of the wind and water erosion. Some of these chimney-like rock formations were dug-in as home or sometimes a church by the local people. Continue on to the Goreme Open-Air Museum, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. The open-air museum includes extraordinary rock-cut churches, with beautiful frescoes whose colors still retain all their original freshness. One of five churches carved into the volcanic rock, the Dark Church is penetrated by very little outside light, which helped to preserve the Byzantine frescoes. (B,L,D)

Day 13 - Friday, September 27


Enjoy a full day of exploration in Cappadocia, beginning at Pasabag. Surrounded by a vineyard, Pasabag — or Monks Valley — is known for its remarkable earth pillars and tuff cones. Continue to the Zelve Open-Air Museum, which once housed one of the largest communities in the region, is honeycombed with dwellings, religious and secular chambers. Here, the Christians and Muslims lived together in perfect harmony, until 1924. Then Christians had to leave the Valley because of the exchange of minorities between Greece and Turkey. The remaining Muslim population was forced to evacuate in the 50's when life became dangerous due to risk of erosion. (B,L)

Day 14 - Saturday, September 28


Continue surveying the region’s highlights with another full-day Cappadocia tour, including Ortahisar Village. Ortahisar is dominated by a fortress-like rock. The present-day town is located at the foot of the "fortress," and a network of paths leads to abandoned rock dwellings. In addition to cultivating the land, the inhabitants of Ortahisar earn their living by storing fruit in caves cut from the volcanic rock. From the summit of the "fortress," one can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding area. After leaving Ortahisar, travel to Mustafapasa/Sinasos, a university town of fairy chimneys, caves, a mosque and St. Basil cave church. In Kaymaklı we discover homes constructed around an intricate system of 100 tunnels in the underground city. The tunnels are still used as storage areas, stables and cellars. Make our way toward Pigeon Valley. The name refers to the thousands of pigeon houses that have been carved into the soft tuff since ancient times. Although they can be found throughout Cappadocia, they are especially plentiful in this valley which must have one of the greatest collections of pigeon lofts in the world. They were carved wherever space allowed including abandoned caves and the walls of collapsed churches. In Cappadocia, pigeons have long been a source of food and fertilizer. (B,L,D)

Day 15 - Sunday, September 29 

Cappadocia / Kayseri / Istanbul

Enjoy a morning at leisure before transferring to the Kayseri airport. Fly to Istanbul and spend tonight at the TAV Airport Hotel. (B,L)

Day 16 - Monday, September 30


After breakfast, board your flights to the U.S. (B, Meals Aloft)