Interested in something other than just an ordinary travel experience?

Do you prefer wildlife encounters more than waterslides, real cultural experiences more than crowded cruise ships and natural landscapes more than long lines?

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Travel with us and take $150 per person off your Amazon Voyage!

Find out what it's like to really explore, starting with our world-renowned Amazon Voyage... The Greatest Voyage in Natural History.

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Unrivaled Experience. Exceptional Guides. Superior Itineraries

Find out all there is to know about the best adventure travel experiences on Earth. Request ENVIRONS — International Expeditions FREE catalog of worldwide nature travel.

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Q. Is my $150 per person credit good on any expedition?
A. It is good for any 2014 Amazon Voyage, but IE offers great values on other trips, too.  Explore our website for other exciting options –

Q. Why should I go with International Expeditions?

A. IE is among the most experienced nature travel companies. It began in 1980 and no other company is as knowledgeable about these destinations and no one else has such talented local guides.

Q. Is it safe to travel to Peru for the Amazon Voyage?
A. Absolutely. Peru is a warm and friendly country which hosts travelers from around the globe. Its natural and cultural attractions are second-to-none, from the rainforest of the Iquitos region to the Andean highlands, where Inca ruins of Machu Picchu are dramatically perched. Plus International Expeditions affords you 34 years of unrivaled experience in Peru and the Amazon.

Q. Where else does International Expeditions go?

A. IE offers over 20 destinations worldwide and specializes in travel to such remote areas as the the Galapagos Islands, East Africa, India, Indonesia and beyond!

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