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download patagonia expedition cruise ship deck planPatagonia Cruise Ship Features

For our Patagonia adventure cruise through the Chilean Fjords, IE guests board the Via Australis. This ship offers a relaxed stay, while providing breathtaking sights from the decks. The Via Australis features lounges for meetings equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, a dining room, an exercise room, and a spacious open deck area allowing the observation of the marvelous southern scenery at all times.

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  • Daily excursions via Zodiac boats, accompanied by expert guides in small groups.
  • All-inclusive meals and bar with selected beverages, liquors and wines (during open hours).
  • Audiovisual presentations on the region’s flora, fauna, geography, glaciology, ethnography and history.
  • Official languages on board are Spanish and English. However, you may find guides speaking French, German and Italian.
  • Satellite phone access.
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The Patagonia cruise is “all-inclusive”: breakfast, lunch, dinner and Open Bar for wine, beer, liquor and other beverages. The menu combines international cuisine and local recipes, which allows the discovery of the delicious and varied regional gastronomy, accompanied by Chilean and Argentine wines.


Each cabin features a host of amenities, including:

  • Private bathroom with shower, hair dryer and shampoo
  • Individually controlled heating
  • Outside windows
  • Bedside table
  • 220/110 volt power, US type electricity conductor (adapter available)
  • Smoke detector
  • Safety deposit box
  • Internal telephone
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Zodiac Landing Procedure

We disembark from a minimum of once per day. We land in wilderness areas by Zodiac. This is a “dry” landing—no wading through surf. We enter the Zodiacs via a metal staircase at the stern of the ship and disembark to land via a portable gangplank. Balance, good humor and minimal dexterity are required. Several seamen always assist this process.