Travel to Patagonia in the southern reaches of South America. Patagonia is a region that stands as the very definition of wildness: massive, granite horns thrust from the ground and painted by the sun; fields of ice and glaciers as old as time; and forests and lakes that dwarf those who visit this distant land. International Expeditions’ Patagonia tour takes in this land’s most stunning, landscapes, culture and wildlife. Shining as the crowning jewel in this glittering land is Torres del Paine National Park, internationally renowned as one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and remote places on the planet. This gem is like a separate country perched at the edge of a great continent — brimming with wildlife, dazzling landscapes and activities that are uniquely Torres del Paine.

Spot Intriguing Wildlife

A wildlife-enthusiast’s dream journey, IE’s Patagonia tour puts you in prime position to discover guanacos, foxes and maybe even pumas! Plus, our expert naturalist guide will help you find intriguing birdlife – Andean condors, Magellanic penguins, Austral parakeets and torrent ducks. 

Travel to Patagonia on an In-Depth Expedition

IE’s exclusive, custom-crafted Patagonia tour brings you the most in-depth and personal exploration of Torres del Paine. Exploring glaciers by ship and by foot and daily hiking excursions are the perfect opportunities to spot wildlife, study the vibrant wildflowers and capture extraordinary photographs of the stunning Paine Horns.

Explore With Patagonia Tour Pioneers

Your days are spent with expert Patagonia travel guides like natives Claudio Vidal, Cristofer de la Rivera and Rodrigo Tapia. Claudio is a native Chilean who is one of the leading field naturalists and ornithologists in South America. Claudio is among the pioneers of natural history travel to Patagonia, leading Patagonia travel tours for more than 13 years. Claudio has co-authored many books, including Birds of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Antarctic Peninsula and Torres del Paine — Wildlife & Landscapes. Read more about Rodrigo, Cristofer and Claudio.