Archie KirchmanArchie Kirchman

Archibaldo (Archie) Kirchman has been involved in conservation since junior high, when he began working with an organization preventing erosion and recovering rainforest in national park. This organization grew and, by the time he graduated high school, had received funding from World Wildlife Fund and the PA.NA.M.A. Foundation to build an interpretative overlook point at Altos de Campana National Park. Archie still names the park his favorite place in Panama, and takes his own family to the area so that they too can experience the wonders of nature. After studying computer programming and software development at university, Archie decided he would rather be outside than behind a desk. For more than two decades, Archie has been working in environmental education, history and tourism. To enhance the Panama tours he guides, Archie has studied erosion control, botany, wildlife/bird observation and the history of the Panama Canal. His hobbies music, photography, wildlife observation and his kids.