IE's Panama tour is an experience of deep contrasts, where just moments from a modern city thick jungle shrouds a centuries old culture and the remains of forts sacked by history’s most famed pirates. Featuring an in-depth and comprehensive itinerary, International Expeditions’ Panama adventure combines local wildlife, cuisine and culture. As part of your Panama adventure, tour the rainforests that blanket the country from the Pacific to the Caribbean. Along the way, enjoy a passage by ship through the most interesting part of the Panama Canal, and see the behind-the-scenes operation of the canal. Plus, travel on the Panama Railroad, which dates all the way back to 1850.

Travel to Panama & Discover Dazzling Nature

This isthmus of mountains, rainforests and tropical coastlines is the crossroads for wildlife from both North and South America, and at this crossroads we find some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth. Geoffroy’s (red-naped) tamarins and colorful tropical birds and a riot of orchid are just a few highlights included in International Expeditions’ Panama tour.

Panama Adventure Pioneers

Your Panama tour is led by accomplished local guides who are true ecotourism pioneers in Panama - having led nature-focused tours all over Panama during their decades of guiding!