Northern Peru

Nature and Archaeology of Northern Peru

Drawing on 34 years of trailblazing travel to Peru, International Expeditions invites you to join a truly pioneering journey into the fascinating cultures and magnificent nature of Northern Peru. From Pacific coast through the lush forests of the Andes, you will discover Peru’s less-visited treasures, where we find one of Latin America’s last great archaeological frontiers and such rare wildlife as the Andean spectacled bear and famed marvelous spatuletail hummingbird.

Peru’s Earliest Cultures

The Northern Coast of Peru is a desert of shifting dunes and scrub area where the earliest of Peru’s cultures thrived and developed great civilizations. The Moche and Chimú people boasted cities that rivaled the famed Machu Picchu, with huge adobe temples and had thousands of artisans creating masterful weavings, metalwork and jewelry. And in Peru’s highlands, the titanic ramparts of Kuelap perch above the jungle, surrounded by small Indian villages still more in tune with pre-Columbian ways than the 21st century.

Peru’s Birding Paradise

IE’s 13-day Peru tour features some of the world’s best birding and seasoned naturalists to ensure you see the most wildlife possible. Search for endangered white-winged guan in the private Chaparrí Nature Reserve. Along with many other species of hummingbirds, you may even spot the marvelous spatuletail hummingbird during hikes near the Gocta Waterfall and Huambo Reserve. Other species to find include the colorful Andean cock-of-the-rock and rare military macaw.