Online Preview

Nicaragua is still a country that is largely "undiscovered" by the masses, and is quickly gaining a reputation for offering some of Latin America's most pristine and uncrowded natural attractions. Join International Expeditions for an in-depth look at our nine-day journey mingling quetzals, toucans and "Chocoyo Coludo" — green parakeets — with historic León and Granada.

international expeditions sherry bodNot only will you be joined by Bill Robison, IE's Director of Product Development, but you will also hear from IE staff member Sherry Boyd, who has experienced our Nicaragua tour, and Sharon Boorstin from the Nicaragua Tourism Board.

  • Learn about IE's seasoned naturalists Juan Carlos and Edgar, who are both part of the organization cataloging newly spotted species for Nicaragua's first bird book.
  • Hear first-hand stories from IE's April Nicaragua groups from Sherry Boyd, who traveled to Selva Negra and met our guests in León.
  • Hear questions from other guests answered.