Machu Picchu Online Preview

Machu Picchu is truly one of the world's iconic destinations, capturing the imaginations of travelers for more than a century. International Expeditions has poured 32 years of expertise into creating a journey that encompasses the known wonders of the Andes while exposing you to some of the land's hidden delights.

What makes IE's comprehensive journey both a remarkable tour and a great value?

  • Why IE includes two nights at Machu Picchu plus two nights in Cusco for a look at Peru's ancient and modern cultures.
  • Why IE has selected the award-winning Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo, instead of other accommodations you may have heard of recently.
  • Why you can no longer count on being able to explore the ruins of Machu Picchu independently.
  • How to combine this journey with IE's small-ship adventures to the Galapagos and Amazon.
  • Plus, hear the most popular audience questions answered by IE's Peru experts!