Highlights & Reviews

"The trip lived up to the reasons I chose IE: quality, dependability, small group size and itinerary. Plus, I was delighted by our excellent guide."
Lucy Dueck of Athens, Texas

“The Machu Picchu extension was outstanding and way exceeded my expectations.”
– Bruce Kelley of Tega Cay, South Carolina

“It was the trip of a lifetime, leaving us in awe of both past and present Peru – its cultures, physical beauty and lovely people.”
– David and Grace Popkin of Northampton, Massachusetts

"Everybody was consistently helpful and concerned for our welfare. I'm frankly not used to be looked after so well, and it took a little getting used to. You have a great team in Peru and I was very impressed by the extra effort and time they spent to make sure we were being adequately taken care of. The trip met or exceeded all of our expectations. It was definately one of the best trips we have ever taken. I was particularly pleased with our initial arrival at Machu Picchu in the afternoon so that we could be there as most of the visitors left. By the end of the day we were virtually the only ones left. This immesaurable added to the experience. The extension to Nazca, Paracas and the Ballestas Islands was also great and well worth the extra time and money. Ernesto made the trip. He was able to combine a terrific itinerary with a deep understanding and passion for his culture to give us a meaningful experience that went so far beyond the guidebook descriptions. "
– David Brawer of Narberth, Pennsylvania

"Excellent guide - smooth transfers and excellent accommodations and food. We also happened to have a great group of fellow travelers! This was my first experience with IE and I was very impressed - exceeding all expectations. Hope other trips can match this experience."
– Barbara Bond of Erie, Pennsylvania

"About the trip--I have nothing but superlatives for all the IE people and arrangements. Hotels a joy, sights terrific, transport easy and comfortable, food out-of-this-world. I had no idea of Peruvian cuisine--a big and memorable extra that it was so good! Angel was a great guide. His knowledge and most of all his partisanship for Inca culture really added to the overall trip and he was completely on top of arrangements at all times."
– Jane Eiseley of Berkeley, California

"I now have a real feeling for and knowledge of the area, which one doesn't get on the usual cruise. Amazonia's ecological importance was made manifest, without preaching. Thank you."
– Jean Z. Cunningham of Oakland, California