Iwokrama River Lodge – Iwokrama Rainforest, Guyana

The Iwokrama River Lodge and Research Center, situated on the west bank of the Essequibo River, is Iwokrama’s operational hub. While remote, it offers all that you could possibly need for a comfortable stay in the forest. There are eight spacious river-view cabins, each beautifully designed and equipped with fans, bathroom, 24-hour electricity supplied by solar power, and a wrap-around verandah with hammocks. From these comfortable cabins, watch the sun go down, listen to the many local birds and other wildlife or simply relax in your hammock. Overlooking the river, is the bar and the restaurant, where after an exciting day of discovery and exploration, you can enjoy traditional Guyanese cuisine. There is also a business center with internet access, a gift shop and a shop selling cold drinks, snacks and general items such as toiletries that you may have left at home.

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Atta Rainforest Camp – Atta Rainforest, Guyana

The Atta Rainforest Camp is situated just steps from the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. The lodge is completely surrounded by tropical rainforest, offering a complete immersion in the rainforest experience. The main building is open with views across the gardens to the forest. This building houses the bar, dining area and kitchen. Meals are freshly prepared local delicacies of free range beef, chicken and fish. Vegetarian and special diets are catered for with notice. Guyanese cuisine may vary from what you are used to at home, so feel free to pop in the kitchen and see what and how the staff is preparing. There are four bathrooms situated between the two accommodation blocks, with four private rooms per block. They have been designed to make the most of the unique location and the showers are open topped to allow you to enjoy the views of the forest canopy. Besides the shower each roomy bathroom is fitted with a flush toilet and wash basin. Please Note: While facilities at the Atta Rainforest Camp are currently shared, individual en-suite bathrooms are scheduled for installation in 2011

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Rock View Lodge – Annai, Guyana

Rock View Lodge is nestled between the Amerindian villages of Annai and Rupertee on the North Rupununi Savannahs of central Guyana. All guests are accommodated in comfortable, well furnished suites. Your evenings may be spent in the old family ranch house with a fine art collection, library and good music. All buildings have electricity and running water from a deep well. The grounds are beautifully landscaped with hundreds of palms, fruit and flower trees that enhance the natural beauty of the rolling hills and savannahs, the Rupununi River and wooded mountains nearby. The palm-thatched traditional round Benab next to the guest houses can also be used to relax in hammocks out of the sun. The swimming pool — with its rocks and boulders, clumps of cacti and succulents — is both cool and warm. Rocking gently in the shade of the cashew tree you can relax in a hammock with a refreshing drink and a book after a day picnicking, boating or hiking.



Asa Wright Nature Center - Trinidad

Located in the mountains of the Northern Range, the Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) is a world-class natural history destination for students of tropical ecology and is of particular interest to birdwatchers. The Center's main facilities are located on a former cocoa-coffee-citrus plantation, previously known as the Spring Hill Estate. This estate has now been partly reclaimed by secondary forest, surrounded by impressive rainforest, where some original climax forest on the steeper slopes have a canopy of 100-150 feet. The whole effect is one of being deep in tropical rainforest. Guests are accommodated in comfortable twin-bedded rooms, each with a private bath. Delicious meals, reflecting the incredible diversity of the local cuisine — a mix of West Indian, Creole, Oriental, Indian, and European dishes — are served family-style in an attractive dining area.

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Cara Lodge – Georgetown, Guyana

The history aficionado will appreciate a stay at Cara Lodge, one of the oldest and grandest structures in Georgetown. Cara Lodge was built in the 1840s and originally consisted of two houses. It has a long and romantic history and was the home of the first Lord Mayor of Georgetown. Over the years, the property has been visited by many dignitaries including King Edward VII who stayed at the house in 1923. He was of course later to abdicate and marry the American Wallis Simpson. Other dignitaries have included President Jimmy Carter in 1996, HRH Prince Charles in April 2000, HRH Prince Andrew in 2004 and Mick Jagger in 2005. This magnificent hotel offers the tradition and nostalgia of a bygone era, complete with service and comfort of the most luxurious of hotels, all in a most congenial family atmosphere. All rooms reflect the traditional building style reminiscent of Guyana during the colonial era, with Demerara shutters and polished wooden floors. Each room is self contained, with air conditioning, cable television, hair dryers and complimentary tea and coffee.