Guyana & Trinidad

Our custom Guyana tour allows you to combine pristine nature with a rustic adventure! Be one of the few travelers to experience the rush of standing just steps from the unbound majesty of Kaieteur Falls, and discover the wonders still found in the pristine swaths of one of Earth’s last untouched tropical rainforests — The Guiana Shield. Plus, avid birders who travel Guyana will thrill at the possibility of spotting the Guianan cock-of-the-rock and as many as 800 avian species, while any wildlife enthusiast is sure to love searching for golden frogs, monkeys and jaguars!

Birding at Asa Wright Nature Center

Stay Trinidad’s lush highlands at the world-famous Asa Wright Nature Center — one of the top birding destinations in the world! While here, birders can expect to see such gems as scarlet ibis, oilbird, red-legged honeycreeper, bay-headed tanagers and bearded bellbirds on our frequent excursions. Plus, depending on the time of year you travel to Trinidad, IE includes an excursion to the rich Aripo savannah or watching nesting leatherback sea turtles.

Guyana Travel: The Ultimate Nature Experience

Join International Expeditions on an adventure to the virgin rainforests, towering waterfalls and pristine nature to travel Guyana and Trinidad. Small ecolodges ensure that the lucky few IE guests to visit these secluded areas have intimate access to some of the most wildlife rich environments on Earth — all yet to be discovered by the masses. From our charming and rustic accommodations, explore these emerging ecotourism hotspots on frequent excursions by canoe, boat and Bedford truck. Plus, our Guyana tour is packed with rainforest hikes, an Amerindian village visit, and excursions onto a vast canopy walkway for a new perspective on life in the treetops.

Contribute in the Caribbean

IE has a long history of promoting sustainable tourism development, and our accommodations in Guyana are each part of local community tourism projects that promote sustainable development and intimate involvement by local tribal people. By creating viable and sustainable opportunities in ecotourism in the still seldom-visited forests of Guyana, these lodges reduce the attractiveness of income options such as logging and mining. Just by traveling with IE, you are helping to protect Guyana’s pristine wilderness.

What is Custom Travel? This itinerary is only a small sample of options in Guyana and Trinidad. Every traveler can envision their ideal way to see the world. International Expeditions’ experienced Custom Travel Planners create individually tailored tours that match your style of travel, budget and timeline. Tell us the dates you wish to travel, and we’ll take care of the details.