Enjoy just a short glimpse at all of the fun awaiting you on International Expeditions’ Galapagos Islands cruises! Each of these travel videos was shot on location during IE’s Galapagos cruise aboard the Evolution, and offers an accurate sense of what you might see and do. With opportunities to swim with sea lions, spot rare birdlife and relax on white-sand beaches, there is truly an adventure for everyone.

Exploring the Galapagos

Shot by photographer John Christie during a recent Galapagos Islands cruise, the film showcases the rugged beauty and unique ecological heritage of the archipelago.

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exploring the galapagos video



Galapagos Wildlife

Get up close and personal with land iguanas, giant tortoises, frigate birds, and snorkel with sea lions in our Galapagos wildlife videos.

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 galapagos wildlife video

Aboard The Evolution

Spacious and elegant, the 32-guest M/V Evolution is the ideal base for exploring during International Expeditions' Galapagos cruise.

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 galapagos cruise video