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Ship Features

For our Galapagos Islands cruise ship we have selected the M/V Evolution, accommodating just 32 guests. This intimate ship features a great deal of public space, including an observation deck and a canopied bar on the roof deck, perfect for enjoying a snack and drink on the canopied roof deck while whale watching or chatting with fellow passengers. Two-person kayaks also are available and a doctor is aboard on every voyage and even accompanies your small group off-ship.

Because there is an "open bridge" policy aboard the M/V Evolution, you are welcome to visit the captain and crew and learn all about the ship’s operation and navigation. Each day our naturalist guides will give talks and briefings on the day’s events and about the natural and human history of the Galapagos. They will help you understand the context of what you’ve seen and help prepare you for the next day’s activities. A convenient boarding platform makes it easy and safe to board our excursion boats.


Meals are served in one seating in the dining room, and each meal boasts international and traditional Ecuadorian cuisine, fresh fruit and sumptuous desserts.


Your air-conditioned cabin is the perfect haven between excursions, featuring private facilities and ample storage space. During every excursion, cabin stewards will service your spacious cabin.

 Cabin Number  Size
 A1 Queen  263 sq. ft.
 A2 Twin   194 sq. ft.
 A3 Queen  202 sq. ft.
 C1 Queen  194 sq. ft.
 C2 Twin  183 sq. ft.
 C3 Twin  188 sq. ft.
 C4 Queen  140 sq. ft.
 C5 Double  145 sq. ft.
 C6 Twin  166 sq. ft.
 C7 Twin  188 sq. ft.
 C8 Twin  161 sq. ft.
 C9 Queen  198 sq. ft.
 D1 Twin  172 sq. ft.
 D2 Double    172 sq. ft.
 D3 Double  200 sq. ft.
 D4 Twin  166 sq. ft.