Highlights & Reviews

“This was an amazing journey that exceeded our very high expectations. Boli and Christina were fantastic representatives of IE. The crew of the Evolution also were remarkable, kind, joyous and their interactions with the kids were above and beyond — and genuine!” – Matthew Upchurch of Fort Worth, Texas

“The food on the Evolution was truly outstanding. Having Champagne and a small cake celebrating our 25th anniversary was very special!” – Laula Ashley of Fairway, Kansas

“I liked the small group instead of a large cruise ship. The crew of the Evolution was wonderful! They were friendly and helpful. They did everything to make our trip perfect. They provided outstanding service in a friendly manner.” – Kelly Cartier of Clermont, Florida

“My experience was exceptional. The staff was courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and fun. Everything...thoroughly organized, friendly staff who demonstrated their desire to satisfy the customer, knowledgeable guides, and remarkable destination. IE’s naturalist guides are exceptional! They are so knowledgeable and friendly which is a major differentiating factor in hindsight in choosing IE over another travel company.” Karen Van Dongen of Lodi, New Jersey

“I love the Galapagos Islands and think they are a very endearing and precious place, worthy of making every effort to protect. I hope to return someday. The adventure your team provided encouraged me to feel this way.” - Gerry Kraynik of Seabrook, Texas

“I could not have had a better time on the Evolution if I tried! The group of people we met was incredibly nice and fun — I still catch myself laughing. The entire crew from Captain Patricio, Boli, Alex, Ceasar and everyone else on the boat could not have been more welcoming or kind. You have a GREAT crew down on your Galapagos cruise and anyone who doesn't recognize that hasn't traveled much and seen how one person can ruin an experience. I also will definitely keep IE in mind when planning my next trip.”
– Susan Bushey

“We truly appreciated being able to take our 13-year-old grandson on such a memorable trip. The special and very appropriate attention paid to him and the other young people enabled us to relax when he was being challenged by some of the activities and added greatly to the adventure. Naturalist guides Boli and Cristina were extraordinary, exhibiting top-notch skills in conveying their extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology, history and lore. They also had wonderful personalities that enlivened every lecture and excursion. Being on the Evolution felt like being in a good friend's warm, hospitable home.”
– Harriet Kleinman

“You cannot realize until you get to the Galapagos how really close you get to the animals. It was an amazing place — I’m glad I went with International Expeditions instead of other companies I looked at! There were so many advantages to cruising on a smaller ship. On the Evolution, I never felt rushed and the guides pointed out so many things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”
– Ann Keown of Chattanooga, Tennessee

“I liked the small size of the Evolution and the fact that we saw so many different islands, each with their own unique flora and fauna. Full days with lots to do — nature walks, snorkeling — all with great guides and naturalists.”
– Gary & Nancy Dorighi of Freemont, California

“We cannot say enough good things about the crew of the Evolution, who went out of their way to make sure that everything was perfect for us. The variety and quality of food on the ship was second to none. It far exceeded our expectations. We have very high praise for the crew of the Evolution, who were very professional and always helpful."
Susan & Doug of Littleton, Colorado

“I loved the fact that I was living in a ‘science lab’ for a week of my adult life. The hands-on learning, the contact with the animals, birds and reptiles, and the lectures — it was so stimulating and fascinating to me!”
– Diana Muller of Weston, Connecticut

“I found the naturalists very well versed with an abundance of information that I found fascinating. My cabin on the Evolution was spacious... cheery and very comfortable. I enjoyed every aspect of the trip. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”
– Joan M. Zeller of East Greenwich, Rhode Island

"This trip was a fantastic experience!! The Galapagos is such a magical and beautiful place, getting to do it all with such a great guide and crew made something incredible even better! I can't wait to do it all again!"
– Laura Langley of Santa Barbara

"Swimming with the sea lions was one of the most unforgettable highlights of the Galapagos trip."
– John Newman

“Fantastic trip!... A must for any wildlife lover!”
– Patricia Newton of Southern Pines, North Carolina

“Our expectations were high and they were all exceeded.”
– Gregory Schmidt of Madison, Wisconsin

“We are still sorting out our 2,000 pictures! The trip was fabulous, the crew terrific... great camaraderie developed with fellow passengers.”
– Sandy and Kurt Hasselman of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

“Boli is the best of the best! He showed concern and compassion, and his passion for his home – Well done!”
– Cynthia Cero of Big Canoe, Georgia

“This has to be the ultimate trip for viewing wildlife… and the standard for other expeditions.”
– Kenneth Zinchal of Elkader, Iowa

“The wildlife was everything I’d hoped and dreamed about. Thank you for a wonderful trip!”
– Fran Stewart of San Jose, California

“The expedition staff is unbelievable… Feels like we had a four-credit course in science, geography, culture and history!”
– Howard and Jayne Evans of Millsboro, Deleware

“Our adventure with IE was one of our best trips – the wildlife on the islands, both on land and under water, the guides and the ship enhanced these wonders of nature.”
– Julie Weisbach of Seattle, Washington

“From the moment I boarded the panga to reach our floating home I felt pampered and made to feel special and safe. Without question the wildlife was spectacular. The blues and greens of the Pacific were amazing.”
– Jo Ann Schermerhorn of Magnolia, Texas