Galapagos for the Kids

Snorkel with sea lions, hike across lava fields, explore pirate caves and more! This is truly Galapagos for the Kids. Ecotourism isn't just for grow-ups anymore!

Day 1 • Friday

Arrive Guayaquil

Board our early evening flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador. On arrival, our representatives meet us and take us to the Oro Verde. Go to bed early — you’ve got nine busy days ahead! (Meals Aloft)

Days 2-8 • Saturday-Friday

Galapagos Islands

After breakfast, meet our expedition leader for an overview of the journey. Fly 600 miles across the Pacific to the Galapagos Islands. Our crew meets us at San Cristóbal Island and escorts us on the short bus trip to the harbor, where our 32-guest expedition ship, the Evolution, awaits us. There’s plenty of time to settle into our cabins and learn about Galapagos National Park rules before lunch. Our itinerary visits a variety of islands and follows the same route as our standard Galapagos Islands Cruises; however, here are a few of the activities you can expect during the week. 

Galapagos for the Kids: Find the coffee cart — cookies are always available here; Meet the Evolution crew at a special welcome dinner; Wear your bathing suit so you can play with sea lions on the beach.

Galapagos for the Kids: Spend siesta time completing the wildlife chart in your Young Explorer’s Field Guide and on the poster in the ship common area; Sand castle building on Gardner Bay Beach; Guided snorkeling from the panga with fish, rays, sea lions and (maybe) small sharks.

Galapagos for the Kids: Visit pirate treasure caves; Take flashlights underground for a lava tube adventure; Get a glimpse of baby tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Station; Enjoy sampling sugar cane at a family-run farm

Galapagos for the Kids: Swim and snorkel in the company of fish, sea stars and quick little Galapagos penguins; Enjoy movies and popcorn for a relaxing evening; Climb a dormant volcano

Galapagos for the Kids: Kayak in a protected bay; Wildlife scavenger hunt; Study navigation charts with our captain (how deep is the caldera at Genovesa?); Interpretive walks with Level 3 naturalists – the highest rating; Study the stars of the night sky sitting just 1° north of the Equator

Galapagos for the Kids: Hike across pahoehoe lava; Prepare ceviche with our chef; Race pangas around the island or see if you can beat your guide to the top of a dormant volcano; Dolphin and whale watch in the Bolivar Channel; You’ve crossed the Equator four times – be prepared something special!

Day 9 • Saturday

Galapagos Islands / Guayaquil

Fly to Guayaquil, where we spend the night at our hotel. (B,L Aloft)

Day 10 • Sunday

Depart Guayaquil 

Connect with flights home. (B,L Aloft)

Please Note: Itinerary may vary due to changes in air schedules, weather, Galapagos National Park regulations or other local conditions.

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