Our guests will be accompanied by Ecuador travel guides, also known as an Expedition Leader, who will escort the group from start to finish, in addition to local guides for excursions in the Amazon.

Henry Teran

Henry has been working as an Ecuador travel guide since 1993, after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and an Associate’s degree in Tourism Studies. Henry’s passion for nature led him to study natural history, geology and birding. Additionally, he has taken special guide courses on leading family and children’s groups in Costa Rica. During his career, Henry has led Ecuador tours for both Stanford and Cornell. Henry loves adventure travel and outdoor spots, especially kayaking and trekking, and has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and the East Coast of the US. Henry is a licensed Open Water Diver, and has been able to dive in the marine reserve of Isla de la Plata on Ecuador’s mainland.

ecuador travel guide henry toran

Sebastian Jurado

After growing up in a small town at the base of the Ecuadorian Andes, Sebastian obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Administration. His eagerness to travel led to a nine month backpacking adventure across North America. Having perfected his English, Sebastian began guiding in Ecuador in 1998. Interested in natural history and ecology, nature filming, photography, alternative energy, ecotourism development and outdoor sports, Sebastian’s career took an interesting path. From guiding in Ecuador he was invited to manage a prestigious Environmental Education Project in Costa Rica, and split his time between working in environmental education in Costa Rica and guiding in Ecuador. Sebastian has always been fascinated by the cultural diversity of the Andes, and earned his Master’s in Social Sciences and Sustainable Development while studying in Cusco, Peru. Additionally, he is certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. When not in the field, Sebastian trains other naturalists and guide.

ecuador travel guide sebastian jurado

Miguel Carrera

After studying ecotourism in university and earning a guide license, Miguel taught French at a small college in Quito. Later, Miguel volunteered at research stations in the Amazon, Andes and tropical Pacific Coast of Ecuador. While at the research stations, he began groups of students and scientists. Miguel would go on to help form one of the largest community-based ecotourism projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where he served for four years as a guide and as an instructor for native guides and the “Save the Rainforest” program.

ecuador travel guide miguel carrera

Tomas Palma

Quito native Tomas first acquired a taste for traveling when he came to the US at 17 years old to work on his English. After this journey, he decided to study tourism in Ecuador, and earned a BA in Tourism Administration & Hotel Management. Along the way, Tomas perfected his English and Italian, as well as earning a National Tour Guide License in 1993. Tomas’ passion for nature and outdoor spirit quickly earned him a reputation, and he was invited to guide groups hosted by the Galapagos Foundation to increase worldwide awareness of the vulnerability and need to preserve the Galapagos. Tomas lives in the Ecuadorian Andes with his family, and his immense knowledge or the region’s culture and nature — along with his good humor — have made him one of Ecuador’s most popular guides.

ecuador travel guide tomas palma