International Expeditions recognizes that the most important aspect of a safe, memorable and rewarding Costa Rica travel experience rests with the talents and skill levels of our naturalist guides. These resident experts are carefully selected and their insight into the natural heritage of their country is unparalleled. IE’s Master Naturalists in Costa Rica consistently earn the highest accolades from our guests.

costa rica travel guide jonathan sequeiraJonathan Sequeira

Jonathan first studied nature and social sciences at the Cartago Community College and the National University of Costa Rica. Later, he received his doctorate for work related to the analysis of medicinal plants of the rainforest from the International University for Complementary Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Jonathan was awarded the status of Master Naturalist Guide in 2004. He has also volunteered for the National Park Service - at the Guayabo Archaeological Monument and Chirripo and Carara National Parks - and worked at Garrison Refuge in New York for the Audubon Society.

Jonathan has served as a Costa Rica travel guide for The Nature Conservancy, Smithsonian Institution, the Audubon Society, Baltimore Aquarium and the Association for Amphibians from Austria. When not guiding, Jonathan, his wife Vielka, and their son, Eytan Yared, can be found on their small farm in Sarapiqui, where Jonathan has a native tree nursery and is breeding Poison Dart Frogs in their natural habitat.

Luis Torres

Luis’ first experiences with nature were related to subsistence hunting and logging, but this has provided him with his great respect for the natural environment, and excellent wildlife spotting abilities as well. Luis started out as lodge gardener in 1986 and soon was promoted to fishing and nature boatman travel guide. He paid close attention to the naturalists he was driving his boats for and practiced his natural history every chance he got. His drive for self-improvement led him to improve his English and take several courses about the natural history of Costa Rica. Luis’ special efforts have qualified him as a full-fledged naturalist guide.

Luis has served as a Costa Rica travel guide for the National Orchid Society, University of California at Berkley, Microsoft and the Organization of Tropical Studies among others.

Miguel Marin

Miguel has worked as a Costa Rica travel guide for more than two decades. He discovered guiding after starting his career in business administration, which he studied for two and a half years with UNED, the national correspondence university. Over the years, Miguel has taken many short courses in guiding techniques.


Mammals are Miguel’s special area of interest, but he also is knowledgeable about birds, flower identification, and the natural history of many areas in Costa Rica. Miguel has also taught guiding techniques to students specializing in tourism at the Universidad Latina. Miguel is runner and also enjoys doing volunteer work for the National Parks Service and the Monteverde Reserve.