Boasting rainforests, dizzying snow-capped peaks and smoldering volcanoes of the Andes, lush cloud forests, beautiful coastlines and nearly 2,000 bird species (the most recorded anywhere in the world). International Expeditions’ new Colombia tour was creatively crafted to offer a comprehensive survey of spectacular environments and wildlife, along with a taste of exquisite colonial architecture, regional delicacies, and modern history. When you travel to Colombia with IE, you’ll find the people warm and welcoming and the natural wonders fascinating. Friendly locals are everywhere and many natural areas remain verdant and untouched.

Astounding Biodiversity

Although perhaps known best for its vibrant culture and famed coffee, Colombia is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries. Covering just 0.8% of the Earth, Colombia accounts for 10% of the world’s known endemic species and the greatest variety of bird species. That bird species list is still growing, with six new species of birds being discovered in the 21st century! Colombia is ranked third in South American in terms of endemic bird species, with a total of 70.

Expertly Guided Colombia Tours

Highlighting IE's Colombia tours are guided explorations of the country’s premier natural areas led by Expedition Leaders Greg Homel and Ivan Hoyos. Greg Homel is an ornithologist, award-winning international nature photojournalist, documentary film producer and lecturer. His skills as a naturalist and photographer and expertise in Colombia is unmatched and essential when exploring a country such as Colombia, where strong leadership ensures enhanced experience and enjoyment. Ivan Hoyos is a world-class and well-traveled naturalist with family ties to Colombia. He is a pioneer in natural travel in neighboring Panama and a favorite of IE guests. His first-hand expereince in Colombia in combination with his skills as a naturalist and leader make him the perfect man to escort you through the wonders of Colombia.