Highlights & Reviews

“Going on your expedition to the Pantanal was an experience of a lifetime. Everyone would benefit from seeing such an extraordinary place.”
– Erin McMath of Onley, Virginia

“Our Expedition Leader Regina was constantly working to make our trip memorable. She never stopped trying to find one more sighting for us.”
– Pat & Jack of Casselberry, Inverness, Florida

“The helicopter flight capped off the trip – WOW! It could not have ended on a higher note.”
– Fred and Lorelyn Koehler of Orange, California

“We were astounded at all the wildlife we saw (in the Pantanal). Imagine seeing a baby tapir running through a field at night; a baby giant anteater riding on its mother’s back; and 14 baby jabiru storks following their dad – we saw all that!”
– Lisa Hudson of Marietta, Georgia

"Regina is a knowledgeable professional...an excellent naturalist, knows the habits and habitats of the animals, which increased our sightings. She is able to recognize and describe a very impressive number of birds. Regina helped to make the whole trip a great one!"
– Diana Howard of Carson City, Nevada