Brazil's Pantanal

International Expeditions invites you to savor Brazil’s Pantanal, an intoxicating blend of nature and excitement. In a land known equally for its raucous Carnival and swaths of rainforest, the landscapes and wildlife of Brazil’s Pantanal personify the rich culture of this vast country — eclectic, vivacious, colorful and inviting. Join our Pantanal tour, taking in a land where the bounty of birdlife is capable of turning even the most casual wildlife observer into a birding enthusiast and to a region of Brazil where high jaguar density and increasing rates of habituation combine to give you a good chance at viewing these majestic cats in their natural wild habitat. While the spectacular wildlife is our Pantanal tour’s greatest focus, soaking up the culture of a working ranch in Brazil’s “wild west” round-out a compelling itinerary. Also, optional extensions give you the opportunity to strolling the rainforest paths surrounding dazzling Iguazú Falls and to encounter enchanting and highly endangered golden lion tamarins.

Explore with Brazil’s Best Guides

Hand-selected for their wildlife knowledge, sharp eyes and enthusiasm, our Pantanal Expedition Leaders and naturalists are sure to be a highlight of your journey. Their decades of travel expertise ensure that you enjoy a worry-free adventure. Plus, these sharp-eyed locals are sure to help you spot more wildlife than you ever thought possible!

Experience Food & Fun

Your itinerary includes opportunities for sampling traditional Brazilian dishes, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, night game drives and more — so everyone enjoys their ideal adventure! A special treat, IE guests cruise the three rivers — Three Brothers, Cuiabá, and Piquirí — that form Meeting-of-the-Waters State Park, one of the Pantanal’s largest protected areas, on guided jaguar safaris.

Innovative Ecotourism Efforts

Let the wild rivers and rarefied air of Brazil’s Pantanal cleanse your spirit while at Araras Ecolodge. Araras Ecolodge is a pioneer of Brazilian ecotourism, and you’ll get an opportunity to learn about the lodge’s extensive conservation projects while sampling fresh, organically grown fruits and relaxing by the pool.