Amazon Voyage Online Preview

Tales from an Amazon River Cruise with Ron Magill

Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill is both a veteran of multiple Amazon expeditions and a renowned expert who has spent more than 30 years working hands-on with wildlife.This webinar features a selection of Ron's photos from previous Amazon River cruises and stories from his time exploring the Amazon. 

In-Depth Amazon with Expedition Leader Jorge Salas

IE pioneered Amazon River cruises 33 years ago. Now you can experience the difference this long-standing history makes on an authentic adventure into the living rainforest!

Who you travel with makes a world of difference, and International Expeditions’ Amazon River cruise aboard the custom-designed La Estrella Amazonica offers an exclusive itinerary and expert naturalists for the most comprehensive and authentic look at the Peruvian Amazon’s diverse wilderness. Our Amazon River tour covers more than 500 miles and its tributaries, you will enjoy an incredible diversity of sights and activities, including wildlife excursions, hikes, and even piranha fishing! Now you can experience first-hand the adventures awaiting you in the Peruvian jungle.

Join Amazon Expedition Leader Jorge Salas for a first look at the new, custom-designed La Estrella Amazonica! Not only is this your insider's guide to daily life aboard our Amazon River cruise ship, but this is a great opportunity to "meet" Jorge, a veteran of more than 300 Amazon Voyages.

You'll spend an hour getting to know why the Amazon is a "must see" destination for so many travelers, along with insider's information on why the IE’s intimate journey is THE choice for exploring.