Amazon Voyage Video

Every night we cruised down the Peruvian Amazon with International Expeditions, our naturalist guides and members of the ship’s crew got together to perform a 30-minute concert during the cocktail hour before dinner. It become one of our favorite parts of the trip: Each day the band’s name would change to reflect something we’d seen or done that day (i.e. Johnny & the Howler Monkeys, Bret & the Ghost Wasps, etc.), and every night the music they played was a little different. On our final night I personally requested that they play a set of traditional Peruvian folk songs, and the results– as you’ll see in this video– were pretty darn electric. Though they’d started out with the tranquil Andean folk song “El Cóndor Pasa,” the band gradually built to a fevered pitch, and all of the workers on the Iquitos dock stopped to crowd around the Aquamarina to listen. By the end, everyone in our group was dancing, people on neighboring boats were clapping, and the musicians were clearly having a blast. Add a few Frozen Pisco Sours, and it was one helluva party to celebrate the end of our last day on the mighty Amazon. – Bret Love