Guest Feedback

"Knowledgeable, friendly and accessible, our Expedition Leader Dennis, and naturalists Usiel and Segundo worked well with each other and obviously liked and respected each other. Would not have wanted any other naturalists...It was great that Usiel and Segundo were Amazonian!"
Carmen Ramis of New York, NY

"This trip was unforgettable. As much as can be said about La Estrella Amazonica, it is still second to what really makes IE stand out in the Amazon - the unbelievable dedicated staff and crew who, by end of the adventure, became almost like family members!"
Ron Magill of Miami, FL

"IE's Amazon Voyage offers an engaging, heartfelt introduction to the people, music and cuisine of Peru, and tantalizing hints of the natural riches of the Peruvian Amazon."
Rick Rostenthal

“Our naturalists must have had binoculars for eyes! To see pygmy marmosets three times was unbelievable. We got to personally know the crew more than any other cruise we have taken. The musicians entertaining us almost every night was a huge treat…looked forward to it almost as much as the nature. All the staff worked hard at making our trip enjoyable.”
Betty and Steve Wing of Missoula, MT

“The attentiveness of the expedition leader, naturalists and crew was beyond belief. Renzo, Johnny, Segundo, Augusto, Beckett and the entire crew were superb. We all felt taken care of and learned so much about the area. I can’t think of anything that could have made this Amazon River cruise better for me or my family truthfully. The ship was wonderful…the charm and romance of a classic riverboat, with bigger cabins. We loved the balance and variety of it all…the birds, the small boats, the walks, the swimming and the Shaman along with the music on the boat before delicious meals.”
Rose Welch of Petaluma, CA

"We went on one of your trips to the Amazon in 1994. While our trip in 1994 was great, this trip was 5 times better. IE does it best!"
Susanne and Wally Wahlquist of Lilburn, Georgia

"I just returned from your trip to the Amazon and want to let you know how exceptional your guides are. I have traveled with other companies and feel I have a good basis of comparison. Thank you for an excellent trip."
Margaret Hixon, Concord, Massachusetts

"I write to you to commend the staff and crew of your Amazon riverboat. To say they were all wonderful, knowledgeable, fun, enthusiastic, passionate and committed to the Amazon are all understatements. We enjoyed our naturalist guide's personality, enthusiasm and commitment immensely. His lecture on the importance of the Amazon rainforest was clear and very informative. Plus our expedition leader was unflappable, helpful and also knowledgeable. International Expeditions is very fortunate to have such committed employees. All in all it was a wonderful trip, and I am very glad we chose International Expeditions for our trip to the Amazon."
— Clara Ladd of Lakewood, Washington

"A completely satisfactory trip in every respect. We would recommend it to anyone, the staff is to be commended for their excellent work."
Diane Sachs & Robert Vidulich of Memphis, Tennessee

"A once of a lifetime experience!"
– Richard & Constance Sweetser of Cumberland Center, Maine

"The best trip we've ever taken. We were so spoiled and cared for and the organization and itinerary were superior. Fabulous trip, no complaints or suggestions for improvement."
Oliver & Ann Bourgeois of Switzerland

“We loved the excursions, the wildlife, visiting the schools, walking in the canopy and music. We are your best advertisement! We had a wonderful time. “
Andrea Hanson of Vancouver, Washington

“This voyage changed my life. It will remain in our memories for as long as we live.”
Thomas C. Thompson of Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Our hundreds of photos and recordings of the jungle will help keep the Amazon ‘alive’ in our minds as one of the most extraordinary adventures.”
Tina DeAngelis & Robert McCone of Wilmington, Delaware

"Every aspect of the voyage was well—planned and stress free for us. All of the hassles of traveling were gone. We were able to experience the Amazon rainforest — something most people only dream about."
Monica M. DeGrauwe of Clinton, Illinois

"What a wonderful way to get a 'taste' of the planet's greatest river and life along her banks. Your knowledgeable guides and crew made each day an adventure for learning and fun."
Lynda Leslie of Kerrville, Texas

“We were impressed with the natural history knowledge of the guides – all birds were identified. Also their knowledge of geography and local culture was great. The Peruvians aboard our ship were some of the most caring people we have ever been around on any trip and we’ve traveled to 40 countries. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for you… and always with a smile.”
Jill Knaak and Mary Burns of Arvada, Colorado