Amazon Riverboat & Rainforest Lodge

No two bends in the Amazon River are the same, and IE’s new Amazon cruise & rainforest tour option offers explorers the quintessential opportunity to explore two very different parts of the legendary Amazon rainforest. Enjoy three nights on the river aboard the Amazon Star with time at the distinct Ceiba Tops Lodge. Spend your days in the jungle canopy, on the forest floor and on an Amazon river cruise, learning about and exploring the culture and habitats that make the Amazon Basin one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth! From dawn until late into the tropical night, savor almost unlimited opportunities to experience two sides of the incredible Peruvian Amazon.

Ultimate Amazon Expedition Cruise

For three nights, enjoy the unparalleled charm and warmth of Amazon Star, a custom-built Amazon riverboat, where you can be spoiled by all the amenities of a major cruise ship with the exclusive intimacy of a private yacht. Aboard our custom-designed riverboat, you can enjoy daily discussions with our naturalists in the river’s only dedicated Lecture Room, relax on your cabin’s private balcony, and even stargaze from the Amazon’s largest Observation Deck.

Commotion in the Canopy

Experience life in the rainforest canopy as you ascend 120 feet into the trees for a true bird's-eye-view of the jungle. IE conceived and funded the Canopy Walkway in 1992, and even used ropes and ladders imported from our home state of Alabama in the construction. The secret life of the canopy revels itself on a rainforest tour like no other. Observe plants and bright flowers attracting strange insects or birds shimmering in bold primary colors - it is almost too much to absorb!


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