Green Global Travel's Amazon Adventure

bret love mary gabbett green global travelCo-Founded by Bret Love & Mary Gabbett, Green Global Travel is an ecotourism, nature/wildlife conservation & sustainable living magazine.

Bret and Mary launched Green Global Travel because they are passionate about ecotourism, and believe in its potential to help save the world’s precious nature and wildlife by encouraging sustainable practices that both benefit and respect local indigenous cultures. With the theory that they can change the world one story at a time, Bret and Mary believe that the words, photos and videos captured on their journeys will both entertain you and help draw attention to the importance of environmental conservation. In February 2012, Bret and Mary traveled with International Expeditions to the Peruvian Amazon for our 10-day Amazon River cruise. These photos and stories capture the beauty of the area, not to mention the fun that guests experience when traveling to the Amazon with IE.


"We’d set out from the port at Iquitos, Peru at sunset the night before, meeting our naturalist guides, getting a quick safety briefing, and enjoying a refreshing Pisco Sour in our welcome toast  ..."

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"We’ve never seen more birds of prey (in terms of different species or sheer quantity) than we saw every single day we were in the Peruvian Amazon ..."

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 amazon river sunset


"The Amazon has always seemed like something every nature lover should do before they die ..."

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 picaya samiria reserve ranger station #2


On the fourth day, we made our way deep into the remote heart of Peru’s Pacaya-Samiria Reserve– deeper than any other tour operator is able to go ..."

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 amazon river cruise ship aquamarina


"IE helps to fund water treatment plants, donates school supplies, teaches the villagers about conservation and brings in tourist dollars ..."

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peruvian amazon village visit


"On the final day of our Amazon River Cruise, we FINALLY had a chance to set foot on dry land with a day hike through the jungle ... "

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amazon river manatee

Our Encounter With a Rare Amazon Manatee

"It was then, as I was photographing a pretty pink-toed tarantula on the wall of the porch, that one of the rangers quietly mentioned they had a surprise for us"

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