Central & South America

Central and South America travel have long been part of the very soul of International Expeditions, beginning with our first Amazon River cruises, Costa Rica tours and Galapagos Islands cruises 36 years ago. These are the regions that exemplify expedition cruises and natural history travel, and the types of engaging Central and South America tours you can only experience with the World Leader in Nature Travel! Here, lavish swaths of wilderness protect Earth's greatest natural and cultural wonders — pristine rainforest, ancient ruins, cloud-covered mountains, monkeys, prolific birdlife and much more.

We've been blessed to watch sunrise hit the granite towers of Torres del Paine on a Patagonia tour; snorkel with playful sea lions on a Galapagos cruise; explore Inca and Spanish colonial ruins on a Machu Picchu tour; and observe the famed birdlife of Colombia. Now we hope you'll experience travel to Latin America with us, its most captivating wonders, and discover the difference our matchless expertise can make!