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Earlier this week on the International Expeditions Facebook page, a guest joining our Amazon cruise asked for advice on packing. As always, our expert expedition leader, Jorge Salas, came through with a great list of essentials. Check out Jorge's Amazon packing list below, and let us know if you have other suggestions.

September 09, 2010

You Drank the Water...Now What?

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This tip on safe and savvy travel is brought to you by the experts at MedjetAssist.

Traveler's Diarrhea (TD) the most common illness affecting travelers. In fact, each year between 20%-50% of international travelers, an estimated 10 million persons, develop diarrhea. So what can we do to prevent TD? Using a common sense approach with regard to eating and drinking is paramount.

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These expert Peru travel tips were given by our Peruvian Expedition Leader, Jorge Salas-Guevara. Expedition Leader Jorge is a favorite among International Expeditions guests, having led expeditions to the Amazon and Papua New Guinea.

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For many first-time travelers to Egypt, dealing with aggressive vendors can be a daunting task. Long-time Wings Over the Nile leader & Product Development Director Bill Robison shares his tips for shopping on your Nile cruise.

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It's time to start family travel-planning for summer vacation. And whether you're traveling on our family Amazon cruise, Galapagos for kids cruise or just flying to visit relatives, the best way to reduce stress when flying with kids is to plan ahead.

Travel Tips for Flying With Kids

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The women of International Expeditions (and many of our guests) are full of tips for women traveling alone internationally. While some women are concerned about being targets when traveling, a little cautious preparation can go a long way toward making you feel safe and ensuring you have a great vacation.

Know Before You Go:

Before traveling to a foreign county, learn as much as possible about the area's religious or cultural beliefs. You may need to adjust your dress and behavior to comply with local customs.

I Get Around:

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Today's travel tip is brought to you by Medjet's own World Wide Will! Be sure to check out his blog at

Donde Esta

No matter where I travel, I always learn at least one phrase - "Where is?" The minute I make plans to travel somewhere, I look up the translation and start practicing. If I cannot manage to master speaking the question, I write it in my guide book. Then I am set!

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Anyone that has ever traveled with a child knows that there can be many challenges to face. The best way to reduce stress on your next family vacation is to plan ahead.

•    Try to book an overnight flight to coincide with your child’s sleeping habits
•    Make sure your carry-on bag holds every item your child is likely to need during the flight
•    Dress your child in a couple of light layers, so you can add or remove layers as necessary
•    Encourage your child to eat or drink during take off and landing to prevent earache

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Be sure you get the most out of your travels by being prepared and protected when you venture overseas. These simple tips ensure healthy behaviors both during and after your ecotourism trip.

  • Use sunscreen and insect repellent as directed
  • Be careful and food and water - Remember, ice cubes don't kill bacteria!
  • Wear protective gear when doing adventure activities
  • Limit alcohol intake

For more travel tips and suggestions, check out the Medjet blog.

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Are you an avid traveler with an iPhone? Be sure to check out iMedjet, Medjet’s new application featuring comprehensive first aid information.

With content provided by A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine, the first-aid portion of the app draws from more than 10 years of research, experience and teaching, and even links to situational descriptions and technique illustrations.

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