September 23, 2013

Just Spotted in Madagascar!

It is not often that our experienced naturalist guides come across a sighting that blows them away. So we were shocked to get this update and incredible image from expedition leader Cassiano Zaparoli, who is currently leading IE's Madagascar tour.

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On the isolated island of Madagascar, 51% of all bird species, 96% of the reptiles and of course, all 86 varieties of lemurs (species and subspecies) are endemic. This Verreaux's sifaka was spotted in the Berenty Reserve during International Expeditions' 2012 Madagascar tour. The reserve is a wildlife hotspot which protects 250 hectares of spiny forest and dry tamarind gallery woodland along with six species of lemur and a large colony of Madagascar fruit bats.

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Nature travel is such an exciting venture because you get the chance to see wildlife around the world, and Madagascar may well be the next place you want to visit. You should probably pack a magnifying glass and a flashlight if you want a chance to see the newest discovery on the African island.

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While a Madagascar tour is a great nature travel experience, there are other things to see and do there as well, and checking out some of the man-made sites can mix things up on a trip to the African island. In the heart of the oldest part of Madagascar's capital city, Antananarivo, there is a royal palace complex, called Rova.

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