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Most parents want to get their children outside more, and there’s no better way to promote family bonding than on a family tour to one of the world’s wild places. Parents, grandparents and (yes) even the kids who have been on our Amazon River tour or Galapagos Islands cruise rave about the fun they had together.

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A favorite for any guest who has traveled on the Galapagos Island tour aboard the Evolution, chef Wellington Montero shares his ceviche recipe. For an added Ecuadorian flavor, don’t forget to add popcorn!


Serving for four persons:


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By Josh Akers of Jemison, Alabama

My Galapagos Islands tour is one vacation that I will never forget. It is a difficult task to explain to people the wonders of the unique wildlife and beautiful landscape occupying these islands.

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British researchers from the University of Southampton have found several new species of life – and some that were thought to be extinct – during an in-depth study documenting some of the world’s rarest and most fragile coral reefs in the Galapagos Islands.

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By Emily Harley-Reid, Creative Services Editor

It’s embarrassingly easy around International Expeditions to get blasé about destinations like the Amazon or Galapagos — they are such staples of the company that we often feel like everyone has “been there, done that!”

So in sharing a moment of my Galapagos Islands tour, I think it is a true testament to the power of travel and of Darwin’s “Enchanted Isles” that I still get emotional.

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IE’s staff doesn’t just plan journeys to these islands, Galapagos is one of our favorite places to experience Earth’s greatest wonders! Here’s what Destination Manager Amber Rowland had to say about the islands.

June 16, 2009

Did You Know?

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Living on the Equator makes keeping cool a big priority for Galapagos penguins! Not only do they hold their flippers out to help the heat escape their bodies, to protect their feet from sunburn, Galapagos penguins hold their flippers over their feet when on land.

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Guests on the April 17 Galapagos Voyage witnessed one of nature's most extraordinary fireworks displays - a volcanic eruption! And while the eruption on Fernandina Island has garnered international news coverage, IE guest Dale Ghent captured these images and the emotion behind this sight perfectly.

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