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Special thanks to recent guest Bob Safay who created and submitted this video from his recent Galapagos Islands tour.

June 16, 2009

Did You Know?

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Living on the Equator makes keeping cool a big priority for Galapagos penguins! Not only do they hold their flippers out to help the heat escape their bodies, to protect their feet from sunburn, Galapagos penguins hold their flippers over their feet when on land.

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Guests on the April 17 Galapagos Voyage witnessed one of nature's most extraordinary fireworks displays - a volcanic eruption! And while the eruption on Fernandina Island has garnered international news coverage, IE guest Dale Ghent captured these images and the emotion behind this sight perfectly.

"A battle unfolded in front of us... a battle involving primordial forces, one that has gone on since eons past, and will continue for eons more. The struggle of fire versus water, unrelenting in their assaults on each other, filled our view."

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