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Galapagos Islands cruises allow adventurers the opportunity to observe some of the most impressive and unique animal species on the planet. While the entire archipelago has been celebrated for its rich biodiversity, recent years have seen a select group of travelers choosing to explore the southernmost landmass, Española Island, to bear witness to the location's final stages of evolution.

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IE Galapagos Islands cruise guest and journalist Julie Hatfield spent the last week exploring the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador with our knowledgeable guides, and was good enough to share her impressions of Santiago, Darwin’s favorite island.

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One of the key factors that attracts travelers to book Galapagos Islands cruises is the archipelago's celebrated wildlife. Indeed, the illustrious chain of islands has entranced many animal enthusiasts over the years, even inspiring the great Charles Darwin to conceive the theory of evolution. Yet while the much-vaunted theory preaches a doctrine of "survival of the fittest," scientists in the Galapagos have launched a new conservation program designed to protect many of the islands' weakest inhabitants from imported predators.

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A favorite for any guest who has traveled on the Galapagos Island tour aboard the Evolution, chef Wellington Montero shares his ceviche recipe. For an added Ecuadorian flavor, don’t forget to add popcorn!


Serving for four persons:


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By Josh Akers of Jemison, Alabama

My Galapagos Islands tour is one vacation that I will never forget. It is a difficult task to explain to people the wonders of the unique wildlife and beautiful landscape occupying these islands.

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