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September 22 is World Rhino Day, and wildlife celebrity Joan Embery was good enough to talk to International Expeditions about the current state of elephant and rhino conservation efforts in Africa.

The Nile crocodile is Africa’s largest reptile and it is certainly up near the top in being one of the most dangerous animals on the continent. A large Nile crocodile may reach close 20’ in length and as they grow beyond 12 feet in length, their girth and massive body proportions greatly increase with the additional growth. Truly magnificent creatures, Nile crocodiles will prey on virtually any animal that ventures near the water.

September 23, 2013

Just Spotted in Madagascar!

It is not often that our experienced naturalist guides come across a sighting that blows them away. So we were shocked to get this update and incredible image from expedition leader Cassiano Zaparoli, who is currently leading IE's Madagascar tour.



Thank you to Kenya & Tanzania safari guest John Christie for submitting this adorable video taken in Amboseli National Park.

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The cheetah is an attractive cat found over much of the savannah regions of Africa but also in some of the desert areas of Africa and the Mideast. The cheetah is the fastest land animal on Earth. To witness their incredible speed during a hunt is a sight to behold and will amaze even the most seasoned scientist, naturalist and guide. 

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Warthogs are certainly one of Africa’s most bizarre creatures. At first glance, the warthog looks somewhat like a pig of “some sort.” However, when viewed closely or through binoculars, they are actually much stranger than just a type of pig. 

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It is Friday March 15 and that means I am finally on my way. Where? I am about to go sleep under canvas in the Serengeti! Wildlife viewing in the Serengeti ecosystem - with its famed Great Migration - is tremendous! Nowhere on Earth is there a sight rivaling the spectacle of 1.5 million hoofed animals on the march. The Serengeti has the highest concentration of large mammals on this planet and is famous for its 2,500 lions, the highest concentration found anywhere!

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