Brazil's Pantanal & Iguazu Falls

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South America has much to offer those who are interested in nature travel with the Brazilian Pantanal — the world's largest expanse of wetlands — holding particular esteem among the birdwatching crowd. Ranging between 54,000 and 75,000 square-miles, the Pantanal is home to a wealth of rare and beautiful animals, including more than 1,000 species of birds.

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One of our past guests, Bob Safay, has been generous enough to share this video of Brazil's majestic Iguazú Falls. The Iguazú Falls lie on the border of Brazil and Argentina and are a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. A native of Atlanta, GA, Bob is a passionate traveler, as well as a skillful nature photographer and videographer. Bob and his wife, Nancy, have been on five trips with IE, including several pre- and post-trip extensions.

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Expedition Leader Zapa reports:

"July in Brazil's Pantanal is good for spotting mammals. It is still green, even during this dry season, so our group saw many cool things.

"This week guests saw a jaguar near our truck during a spotlighting safari (pictured right), a tapir swimming past our canoes and an anteater taking a bath!"

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