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At International Expeditions, we welcome the feedback of our guests and eagerly read post-trip evaluations to see how we can improve. We were honored to receive this note from wildlife expert Ron Magill of Zoo Miami after he returned from lecturing aboard our Amazon River cruise.

International Expeditions' Amazon river cruises offer the perfect chance to catch a glimpse of the Emperor tamarin monkeys. These tiny primates were allegedly named for their resemblance to Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany as they have distinctive long, white mustaches. Some also have beards, while other are black-chinned.

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world, but the delicate balance of the ecosystem is threatened every day by deforestation and industrialization. The ever-changing climate may also present issues when it comes to preserving the rainforests, but indigenous people living in the Amazon are adjusting their practices to accommodate the changes.

Emmy and BAFTA award-winner Rick Rosenthal is a distinct blend of biologist, educator and filmmaker who has spent decades filming in some of Earth's wildest waters. Rick is bringing the expertise he's gainied while filming documentaries such as “Planet Earth” and “Great Migrations” for the BBC, Disney Nature, National Geographic and Discovery Channel to IE's October 11 Amazon River cruise.

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International Expeditions co-founder Richard Ryel is headlining our October 4 Amazon River cruise. As he prepares to return to the Peruvian Amazon, a destination that he pioneered travel to 33 years ago, we asked Richard to talk to us about his deep passion for the Amazon rainforest.

Wildlife advocate Ron Magill took a few minutes to tell us about some of his favorite moments along the river.

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The Northern horned screamer is a large bird that doesn’t quite fit in with other species…in fact; there are only three species in their family Anhimidae. Northern horned screamers live in aquatic areas with lots of emergent vegetation and when walking on water lettuce or hyacinth, look like a very large goose.  Their feet, however are not webbed, but they have fairly heavy long toes that support their weight on the floating mats of vegetation. 

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You already know that International Expeditions’ Amazon River cruises are a great way to connect with nature, but the experts at Travel + Leisure say it is also a prime spot to get over being “suddenly single.”

May 06, 2013

Beware of the Boto?

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The enigmatic pink river dolphin, aka Boto, of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers is an aquatic creature that many guests to the region can’t wait to observe. Most guests on IE’s Amazon River cruises do not come away disappointed as these lovely creatures are fairly abundant in many areas of the Peruvian Amazon.

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