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What happens when Amazon cruise naturalists spot an anaconda along the riverbanks? Recent IE guest Kieth Chelm found out when he got an up-close and personal meeting with a female anaconda during an excursion! Special thanks to Mr. Chelm for sharing this video and his thoughts.


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At International Expeditions, we're always thrilled to hear about the wonderful experiences our guests' had during their journeys. So, we were especially excited to read this poem written by Amazon Riverboat cruise  guest Lucy Allison!

We’ve had a week of wondrous sights
On Amatista with her crew.
Exciting days and peaceful nights,
And friendships made with all of you.

Each morning on the skiffs we went
In search of birds and mammals too.
So many happy hours were spent,

November 12, 2010

Quick Photo Tips

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One of the best ways to preserve memories of your International Expeditions journey is with great photos! So we asked some of our favorite photographers for tips to get the best possible shots. If you are going to be shooting from an open jeep or vehicle,  there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the sharpest pictures.

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When International Expeditions' founders Richard Ryel and Steve Cox first dreamed of bringing curious wildlife enthusiasts to the Peruvian Amazon more than 30 years ago, they had no idea that their company would establish such deep roots in this remote corner of the Earth.

October 22, 2010

An Amazon Shaman Experience

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We found the following story about one man's encounter with a shaman deep in the Amazon River Basin fascinating. Although not near as "off the grid" as this man's singular journey, day 6 of our own Amazon River trip includes a visit to a well-respected Amazon village shaman, and is always considered a highlight by guests.

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International Expeditions' Amazon mini water treatment plants in the remote villages of San Jose de Paranapura, Irlanda and Santa Teresa, Peru are already making a big impact on the health of villagers! According to Dr. Linnea Smith, who operates the Amazon Medical Clinic, she is treating far fewer cases of intestinal parasites and common diarrhea now that the water treatment plants are providing clean drinking water.

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Ecuador signed a recent deal with the United Nations not to exploit its oil-rich Amazon reserves. This deal sets up a trust fund by wealthy countries that will be worth half the expected earnings from the potential sale of oil. This should help to protect some 675 sq miles of the Amazon. This is an area that is home to indigenous tribes, thousands of species of trees and, of course, nearly 1 billion barrels of crude oil.

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IE’s pioneering voyage on the Amazon River is truly an in-depth adventure…but it’s also tons of fun! Amazon Expedition Leader Hernando shares scenes of wonder, enchantment and excitement in this video from an August journey aboard our Amazon River cruiser.

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A new species of armoured catfish that eats wood with spoon-shaped teeth has been discovered in a remote area of the Amazonian jungle in Peru.

Scientists from the US National Science Foundation made the discovery during an expedition last month to a national park in the Alto Purus area of northeastern Peru.

The fish, which reaches 70cm long (2ft 3 ins), have evolved "spoon-shaped teeth" specialised in scraping tree logs that fall into the river waters.

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Earlier this week on the International Expeditions Facebook page, a guest joining our Amazon cruise asked for advice on packing. As always, our expert expedition leader, Jorge Salas, came through with a great list of essentials. Check out Jorge's Amazon packing list below, and let us know if you have other suggestions.

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